GHC 2019, Sarah Murray, Rachel Diamond, Amy Miao

GHC 2019 Attendees Most Look Forward To This

What do you most look forward to at GHC? To kick-off my blog post series with Anita|Bees at the Grace Hopper Conference this year, I spoke with a couple attendees before the conference about what they most look forward to at GHC. From left to right: Amy Miao, Sarah Murray, Rachel Diamond, Marlena Rehder, and Read more about GHC 2019 Attendees Most Look Forward To This[…]

Why diversity matters

Learn about the importance of diversity in the workplace from a young female in tech (me). Without challenge, there is no change, and without change there is no long-term success. To be successful, change through innovative thinking and decision making is inevitable. One way to stay innovative is by having a diverse team. I have Read more about Why diversity matters[…]