Fashion Slowly Glistens with Technology

The last time you went shopping at your local boutique, thrift store, shopping center, or mall, how was your overall experience?  Impersonal? Time consuming? If you’ve gone to, or read about, Amazon Go — the concept feels like magic. Almost something like the future. You scan your phone as you enter the store, grab the Read more about Fashion Slowly Glistens with Technology[…]

GHC 2019, Sarah Murray, Rachel Diamond, Amy Miao

GHC 2019 Attendees Most Look Forward To This

What do you most look forward to at GHC? To kick-off my blog post series with Anita|Bees at the Grace Hopper Conference this year, I spoke with a couple attendees before the conference about what they most look forward to at GHC. From left to right: Amy Miao, Sarah Murray, Rachel Diamond, Marlena Rehder, and Read more about GHC 2019 Attendees Most Look Forward To This[…]