Co-working spaces: the new-age office that best cultivates innovation

Make your workspace work for you — create a space that encourages innovation We spend ~160 hours working in a given month. For the majority of us, this time is spent in an office meant to foster creativity, communication, and ultimately a better business. Technology has revolutionized many pieces of our daily lives and has too impacted Read more about Co-working spaces: the new-age office that best cultivates innovation[…]

Why diversity matters

Learn about the importance of diversity in the workplace from a young female in tech (me). Without challenge, there is no change, and without change there is no long-term success. To be successful, change through innovative thinking and decision making is inevitable. One way to stay innovative is by having a diverse team. I have Read more about Why diversity matters[…]

A Guide on How to Build Something Big. Become a Think Big, Start Small Expert

Presented at first ever Skopje, Macedonia Product Hunt Meetup| Skopje,  Macedonia | 2018 Want to build something big, but unsure how to get started? Request access to the think big, start small guide below by contacting me.

4 Changes Affecting Product Managers

  Today, Product Managers are managing more than products.  Product Managers are responsible for listening to their customers, paying attending to trends and developing products to meet their target audience’s evolving needs.  With the introduction of new management tools and methods, Product Managers are challenged to prioritize and balance their time appropriately. Increased Social Presence Read more about 4 Changes Affecting Product Managers[…]

Cyber Law: Coming Your Way?

As the internet evolves, so do the challenges encountered in the marketing field. Looking back, Web 1.0 was a place where people read HTML, but Web 2.0 has evolved into a place for writing and sharing content. It is a place of converging ideas, thoughts, cultures, languages and ultimately, information. With the rise of user Read more about Cyber Law: Coming Your Way?[…]

Collective Intelligence in Marketing

The proverb, “two heads are better than one,” relates to the idea of collective intelligence.  Henry Jenkins defines collective intelligence as, “the kind of knowledge and understanding that emerges from large groups of people,” (2008). In industries that rely on creative and novel ideas, such as the marketing industry, people are now using the collective Read more about Collective Intelligence in Marketing[…]

Diffusing Innovation And Marketing

The concept of innovation has been on the forefront of business’s minds with every minor advancement in technology that hits the marketplace. Since businesses aim to remain at the top of their market sector, they are continually facing the dilemma of diffusion of innovations, which is the rate of adoption [and] spread of innovation in Read more about Diffusing Innovation And Marketing[…]