January 22, 2018

Speak at Work

Hire me to speak at your place of work

To kick off the conversation, please visit the home page “Get in touch” section, and submit details on the event or workshop.

Suggested topics

  1. Why diversity matters
  2. The KPIs you should focus on
  3. Getting everyone on-board, and excited about your business strategy
  4. How to work with difficult people
  5. The importance of innovation
  6. Convincing leadership to invest in innovation
  7. Ways to scale innovation in your workplace
  8. Lean strategy
  9. Case studies on innovation
  10. How to pivot your business idea, and the importance of knowing when to pivot

Previous speaking engagements


Amazon, “Evangelizing UserTesting to understand your customers”


Telekom Digital Incubator (MK), “Innovation and the Importance of User Research”, Talk and Workshop
Amazon, “The Importance of Innovation and User Research”, Talk
Amazon, “VOC Mechanisms and Scaling User Research”, Talk
StartIt (Serbia), “Scaling like a pro” Talk
GSIX (MK), “TechTalks: Think Big, start small” Talk
StartIT (Serbia) “Infusing innovation in the workplace” Talk
Seavus (MK), “The importance of branding” Talk
Brainster (MK), “Social media marketing 101 and 201”, Class
Brainster (MK), “Search engine optimization 101” Class


Amazon, “Website design and management” Talk
Amazon, “Social media” talk