January 22, 2018

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PODIM: The Importance of Diversity

Suggested topics

  1. The importance of innovation
  2. Scaling innovation
  3. Convincing leadership to invest in innovation
  4. Tips and tricks for infusing innovation in your workplace
  5. Creating a lean, scalable Beta program
  6. Lean strategy and product development
  7. Case studies on innovation
  8. Voice of Customer

Previous speaking engagements


PODIM, “Infusing Innovation in the Corporate Workplace”, Talk and panel discussion (EiR, Macedonia)
PODIM, “The Importance of Diversity”, Panel discussion (EiR, Macedonia)
PODIM, “Trends in Mobile Shopping and E-commerce”, Talk (EiR, Macedonia)
Amazon Conference, “Infusing Innovation in Your Product Through User Research” Talk (Amazon)


Total User Experience, “Designing Great Products”, Closing keynote speaker (Intuit)
Total User Experience, “Experiment Loop Optimization, Talk and workshop (Intuit)