January 22, 2018

Speak at a College

Hire me to speak at a college or university

To kick off the conversation, please visit the home page “Get in touch” section and submit details on the request.


Suggested topics

  1. What it means to be an entrepreneur
  2. How to start your own business
  3. How to pivot your business idea, and the importance of knowing when to pivot
  4. The importance of innovation
  5. The importance of branding
  6. What it means to be an Innovation Changent
  7. Product development
  8. Lean strategy
  9. What it’s like to be a woman in technology
  10. How to be innovative through user research

Previous speaking engagements


University of Southern California, San Diego, “Innovation”


RIT, “Life after college”


St. John Fisher College, “Careers in marketing”