Mentorship types and pricing

  • Get your dream job: Interview preparation and resume review
  • Hone in on a skill set: product management, program management, research, and / or marketing
  • Build a company: evaluate and iterate. Navigate difficult situations in the workplace

1. Ad-hoc

Schedule a 30-minute ad-hoc mentorship meeting.*

Cost: $50 USD

2. Quarterly 

Schedule four 30-minute mentorship meetings (once per quarter).*

Cost: $175 USD

3. Monthly

Schedule 12 30-minute mentorship meetings (once per month).*

Cost: $500 USD

grace hopper conference - GHC

*Contact me via email to schedule a free 15-minute mentorship meeting. Purchases are non-refundable and must be used within 365 days of purchase. Meeting availability is Saturday and Sunday, however subject to change.