Fashion Slowly Glistens with Technology

The last time you went shopping at your local boutique, thrift store, shopping center, or mall, how was your overall experience? 

Impersonal? Time consuming?

If you’ve gone to, or read about, Amazon Go — the concept feels like magic. Almost something like the future. You scan your phone as you enter the store, grab the items you want, and walk out. There aren’t cameras in every corner, employees following you around to see what you purchase, and you’re not waiting in line to check out. Like I said… magic.

Obviously, this experience is not one of actual magic, but rather an extremely well tested, and thought through customer experience to address common customer pain-points encountered when grocery shopping in a store.


How do you create a personalized, delightful experience without data?

That wasn’t a question Accenture answered. Instead, they asked, “How do you get data to create a personalized, delightful experience?”. NAME and NAME walked through their experience creating new methods to collect data in the physical shopping space of fashion.

Accenture created a similar experience for people shopping in-store. Speakers shared the challenges they were looking to solve, and the data they had — and also the data they wanted.

  • 80% store openings resulting in increase of web traffic
  • 61% of people would rather shop somewhere with a physical store.
  • Shoppers that take clothing into a dressing room are 7x more likely to purchase something (as apposed simply just browsing or carrying items throughout the store).

They didn’t know:

  • why customers touched items, but did not pick them up,
  • what items customers picked up,
  • why customers picked up items and did not try them on,
  • why customers tried on something and did not purchase it, etc.

Accenture worked with well-known fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff,* to put a twist on the shopping experience with technology. It was obvious, that in-store shopping technology (analytics and tracking) were not as advanced e-commerce technology (analytics and tracking).

Changes included:

  • using sensors to get data and track customer actions,
  • replacing a cash register with a mobile app,
  • tracking items that enter a fitting room and are not purchased, and
  • the option for shoppers to select an environment which they would wear their outfit (including music) to have more confidence in their purchase decision.


Imagine the next time you walk into a store, and your sizes and clothing suggestions are already waiting for you. Would you be creeped out, or ecstatic?

Well, I’m not sure you have to spend too much time thinking about it just yet. Forward thinking ideas come in seconds, however building the technology can take years. Rebecca Minkoff first announced her plans around 2014, yet there are very little retailers who have implemented a similar customer experience.

*PS: Based on personal conversations I have had with Rebecca Minkoff, I know she is a huge advocate for, and supporter of, women-owned businesses — extra kudos goes to Accenture for sharing this case study at GHC.




Education, entertainment, community

Rebecca Minkoff

  • Partnered with CFDA (coulee of fashion designers of america) / debug / bay-magic mirrors augmented reality




Retail interactions platform

Uses sensors to collect data, get insights / visualizations for retailers

Esimode sticker

Mac sniffer


RFID tags

Interactive display/ self-checkout

Used camera and had a heat map to see most / least traffic throughout the day

Real-time product engagements

  • Day, week, month, year


In dressing room

Using Estimate Stickers can create engaging customers experiences in the mirror light or music


Screen to select environment type (e.g. office, etc.)

Could login and get results based on past purchase history


What would you think if you walked into a dressing room, outfit in hand, picked the environment you’d wear your outfit, put it on and saw yourself in that environment? Creeped out, or confident in the decision you make — to purchase, or not to purchase.

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